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Gorgotrebax Raid Boss Cautious Strike gives too much speed

Round 4 Gorgotrebax starts by using Revenge Random Cautious Strike.
The ability description shows “increase speed 10%, lasting 1 turn”

Actual result: +50% speed for 2 turns

What led me to find this was trying to replicate a strategy from this video: Update 2.9 Fast Gorgo Raid

The odd thing is, Gorgo Boss did not get a 50% speed boost in that video from Aug 9th. Or it appears not to, otherwise I have no explanation as to why it was slower than their whole team at the end.

I know that the Geminititan in the video is <121 speed, since it was slower than the Shield Minion, and so with a 20% speed boost from Mutual Fury + Accelerate Strike, that puts it at 144 max, which would be slower than a Gorgo with 154 speed. But in the video, boss is slower than the Gem.

When I try this now, the boss is faster and kills my team. So something must have changed with the raid.

I am on iPhone X with iOS 14.7.1