Gorgotrebax Raid gives wrong rewards

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Bug Description: the minimum is 10 instead of 15.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - fail to complete the raid due to bugs and rng shenanigans
Step 2 - view the raid reward
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How often does it happen: always

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That’s not the only bug with this raid, either!


Impressive. I sense an emergency patch … after the holidays :rofl:

Another one here with only 10! Is this a joke?

I see now that ludia doesnt care about us.bugs are starting to look similar to those from cyberpunk but what am i comparing here?:sweat_smile:Cyberpunk is a game on a much higher level so im sorry but i dont expect ludia to fix their mess anymore

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Comes as no surprise that I’m also in the 10 club :sob:

image just got 10 too


Got 15, however I think that that may have had to be 20 based on these results :wink:

me to 10 dna ;(

I have never in my life seen such a gorgeously messed up, buggy, overpowered, inconsistent, frustrating, toxic and overall nonsense piece of sticks boss as Gorgotebrax.

It isn’t affected by distraction at all. We got hit by a 9160 revenge group distracting rampage when it had mutual Fury, while a normal group takedown 50% does 7700. So the crit wasn’t affected at all.

It randomly has revenge attributes despite nothing happening.

The bloody pig gives it a 7700 GROUP NULLIFYING RAMPAGE on round 4??? Who thought this is remotely okay???

It does 100% distract instead of 50%
It speeds up 50% instead of 10%

And if you by CHANCE SOMEHOW beat it, this happens:

Screenshot_20201221-110909 Screenshot_20201221-110934

After this, the MINIMUM you should do is give +25 DNA to everyone who got 10.

This is NOT FINE.


You can also tell that there was a bug that says 10 DNA for a Gorgotetrabax, but instead you get either 15, or 20. I got that while I was watching a video

The funny part is: It’s not a dino that they have decided to include only yesterday, rushed it, and delivered with SO MANY bugs. It was planned a few weeks ahead. So really there’s has been absolutely no software PV since then. Let the players find the bugs, it’s cheaper that way, we don’t make enough millions $ as it is…

Hey DPG members, if you only received 10 DNA from the Gorgotrebax raid, please email our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key. Thank you!


Did they fix the game though? Still waiting to do the raid (so I don’t have to deal with Support)…

@real_gambler, the issue should have been fixed, and players will receive the correct minimum DNA for the raid. However, you might have to force close and re-open your game before starting a raid for the fix to be applied.

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Screenshot_20201221-161758_JW Alive It must be fixed


Thanks, Ned. Already sent you an email with support key regarding this topic.

Hope you could help us!

Have a nice Christmas holiday!

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