Gorgotrebax raid question about revenge

I’m familiar with what revenge is in PVP and how it works. With the new Gorgotrebax raid I can’t seem to find out what activates revenge compared to Gorgotrebax doing it’s normal move. Is it killing both minions at the same time/round? Is it after each minion is killed, possible to be 2x in one set? When does it take effect, in the current round, after the minion is killed, or the following round?

To my knowledge as soon as both minions are dead

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It only triggers once both minions are dead, and only lasts for 1 turn. Note that if both minions are killed after the boss already picked the non-revenge version of a move, the move will not play out as in the revenge condition, but the next one will. The move after that will be normal.


Thanks! Also I see you’re in the Netherlands. My alliance is The Dutch Army Forces.

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Yup Im from the Netherlands indeed :wink:

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Thank you Rob… same goes for you😉