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GorgoTrebax Raid

Due to the recent change to Thor, the gorgotrebax raid has doubled in difficulty, meaning the players who have had a perfect strategy are now unable to do the raid without changing up their team. the raid itself is so RNG based it seems ridiculous that we now have to adapt to yet another spanner in the works. and from what ive head the gorgotrebax isnt really worth the effort, but as i am collecting the dinos its just frustrating having to change our whole set up

Double Thor, Tuo, and Dio should work as long as Tuo properly times GA and Thors are big enough

normal gemmi mortie tento and touro still works fine but thors all over the place now

My alliance just switched to the tuora, mortem, Gemini, dio strategy. A few issues this morning but tonight a couple groups ran through it with no issues. Easier than the tenonto strat we were using

if you do that one be careful with dior dont do a big hit turn 2 do a small one or overcooking is nearly guaranteed :stuck_out_tongue:

mono works as well sometimes better but again if you use a really big mono you can still over cook it.

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Agreed, this one still works great. Doesn’t need too big of creatures either.

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That is just false lol, the difficulty didnt change at all. 2.9 only almost killed the skoola carry strat

not on that start except you ahve to be more careful a full hit from dior then he hits dior hes dead thanks vulnerable :stuck_out_tongue: so not more difficult just have to be more careul as for the skooli strat always hated it anyway so good ridence to bad rubbish :stuck_out_tongue:

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I spent 6 hours running through strat after strat old ones new ones nothing worked some times got to fourth round and the big nullifying move wiped the floor with us we’ve got the dinos just nothing would work super frustrating

This one works pretty well. We’ve tested it stepwise with a level 18 skoola, t’was smooth.

More strats at

Lots of good strat options in here. OP should be good with these