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Gorgotrebax recruitment

This is the start, I have thor, can people help me out? Clanmates are gone except for the toura

I can help with a skoola if I’m needed. Dilox #0240

Nice! do you have any clanmates who have a high level tenonto?

I don’t think many ppl are available now but I’ll see

ah, thanks!

Noone responding now, but btw how do you still have gorgo??

Ah ok it’s still not tuesday dawn in some parts of the world ok

oh no I still have it, I’m in PST

but yeah, i you don’t have someone who can use a tenonto then oh well, it was worht a shot

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@Rawrrr Someone said they can help. You still have gorgotrebax?

I have tenonto it’s less than those stats though only 4200 2150 bc I focused on speed for him have the toura and have a 2000 6000 thor