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Gorgotrebax should be cunning fierce type

So the new apex gorgotrebax has a few problwms
In game it’s type was cunning but the problem with that is gorgotrebax has way too much hp and is slower than most cunning,(exept maybe the sloth)i think it’s type should be cunning fierce or wild card

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there’s different types of cunnings.
the speedy types that generally have high attack and high speed, but low hp. examples being Alloraptor, Procerathomimus, oviraptor, and erlikosaurus.

There’s also more bulky cunnings that have what would be considered high hp with high attack, but low speed. these tend to encompass things like the gorgonopsids: Arctops and gorgonops. but also include things like dracoceratosaurus.

these are generalizations and there are some outliers like poukaidei who has all three; High HP, high attack, and high speed, but it’s held back by only having attacks at a 1x multiplier.

a main trait that all of those creatures share, which a main point of classifying a cunning, is that they all have ways of damage mitigation. Damage mitigation is split into two categories: distraction and evasion. Cunnings will typically focus in one category, but can dabble in both. another classification of cunnings are speed increase, tho it is only a minor point.

on the flip side is fierce. Typically having medium to high hp, low speed, and higher upper attack values than cunnings. But there’s also different types as well.

Regular fierce which tend to have the traits above.
and Fast Fierce, which will either loose hp or attack to have higher speed

oddballs in this class tend to be renders and bleeders as they need to be balanced around doing percentage based damage rather than raw power.

A 2 main traits of fierce are armor piercing/ defense shattering abilities and percentage based damage through DoT and rend. a secondary fierce trait, kinda like cunning’s speed up, is attack buffs through ferocious, but it itself does not make a creature fierce.

Where does that leave us with Trebax?
Trebax does not have any form of fierce abilities in the form of attack increase, armor pierce/ defense shattering, or even percentage based damage. What it does have is the main traits of cunning through distraction and evasion.

But why can’t it be classified as a wild card? wild card is more for the jack of all trades creatures. the ones that you can’t quite define into a class or dual class as neatly as other creatures. You look at trebax and you can go “Yep. That’s a cunning.” looking at suchotator, what would you call it other than wild card?

Honestly, i could go on forever about the nuances of creature balance, so i’ll try to wrap up here.
Understanding the main and secondary traits of a class can help you in determining if a creature truly belongs in that class and title. Not all stat builds are going to remain consistent within each class and each individual creature is assessed as a whole when determining a class.

Hope this helps.


Exactly this. This is why I think class should be based on abilities (buffs and debuffs), and maybe resistances, but not stats. In general, only a cunning is going to be using distraction, and in general that debuff is only reliable against the fierce class. Classes do tend to share somewhat similar traits (e.g. resilients have high health, fierce do a lot of damage, cunnings are always fast), but these are generalizations and not the rule. You can have some fast fragile cunnings like Velociraptor, or slower bulky cunnings like Eremotherium. But if every member of a class has to have the same range of stats, they all end up filling the same archetype, and you lose variety because of it.


Eremotherium is slow, but it isn’t bulky. It would definitely have been interesting to see if they hadn’t chickened out on that idea at the last minute though (iirc).