Gorgotrebax VS Haast Maximus (JWA Battles #27)

I got reminded about this AGAIN thanks to another series (and this one’s really well done, check it out here:)

I don’t think I need to explain how the game is played. But I will anyway! It’s about those weapons, defenses, and fighting skill here. So let’s get to it.

Check out the last one if ya haven’t:

Without any further ado, we’ll introduce our 27th round of fighters!


Gorgotrebax is a very interesting case. In my opinion, the apex is always larger, stronger, and faster than the creature it’s based off. In this case, I’ll be scaling Trebax here to Inostracevia. I know it’s called Gorgotrebax but eh. If it stood over a human, you’d actually be able to see its chin, with it standing 8 foot tall and being 20 feet in length. It could weigh over a ton. For US, that’s 1200 pounds and for everyone else, around 450 kilograms. It could definitely reach up to speeds up 40+ mph, or around 60 kph. It also has great endurancee on its hunts. As far as weapons, it has a pretty good skull shape and teeth, giving it a bite force a little stronger than modern cats. Ok, a lot stronger, actually being able to bite 1000 pounds per square inch, and it has claws, but they aren’t very strong, but could definitely deal some damage to the phoenix. And… that slap. It hunt with a bite and run tactic, but in this case, it’s bloodlusted. Did I ever mention creatures here are bloodlusted? And a secret ability of Trebax’s is mild thermal manipulation, as it freezes the area it’s in by by -10 degrees. It doesn’t say if it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius, so I’m just gonna assume Farenheit in this case (especially since converting from Celsius to Farenheit increased the temerature). So -10 degrees Farenheit or -23 degrees Celsius, also granting Trebax mild thermal resistance. Trebax’s fur and muscle density gives it good enough durability from a creature like maximus. Overall, Trebax is not something to be messed with thanks to its strength, durability, speed, and temperature maniuplation.

Haast Maximus

From one apex to another, let’s discuss Haast Maximus. Like before, apex>>>the original. But Haast’s Eagle is so small, that I won’t be using it. So like before, a different species will be used for scaling. I will be scaling it to the Argentavis, even though it’s a vulture, not an eagle. Just making it the eagle equivalent to a giant vulture I suppose. Even though it’ll be a bit larger, faster, and stronger. It has a wing span of 10 ft, along with a length of 8 ft. It can fly at speeds of up to 55 mph, or around 80 kph. It’s got that large beak for pecking, and talons for clawing and snatching at prey, which would be its preferred way of hunting, but Trebax won’t allow that so easily. Discount Rodan also emits a slight flaming aura that can heat it up, but won’t power its attacks. This’ll be useful against the thermal manipulation of Trebax, plus it already has feathers. As far as how much it heats up Maximus, it’s not QUITE a flaming bird and therefore won’t go into crazy ranges as if it was an actual phoenix. The last weapon is its piercing screech, which, scaling to Aquilamimus, should actually be 250 decibels. Overall, with its speed, weapons, and hunting ability, Maximus is a dangerous bird to have the misfortune of being hunted by.

And now for the fight… this battle will take place in the dessert, and neither creature will have adaptations on how to fight the other. Let the battle begin!

A Gorgotrebax somehow found its way out of its arctic climate in search of a new challenge. This particular Trebax wanted to prove its might, and what better victim than an off-terrain animal? Meanwhile, a Haast Maximus can be seen flying, and, much like our Trebax, was looking for a new challenge. Why are both of these creatures trying to prove something? I don’t know.

Eventually, Maximus begins to feel a chill down its spine. Isn’t this place hot? Then it sees the cause of this, our before-mentioned Trebax. This could be it! It swoops in with its talons out, ready to snatch Trebax away.

Problem is… Trebax looked way smaller from afar. Maximus struggled to lift Trebax, and was bitten to get off, but Trebax didn’t go without minor wounds. Maximus screeched, hurting Trebax’s ears, but Trebax roared back. The battle was on!

Haast started by flying towards Trebax, whothen claws at Maximus while Maximus dodges and keeps steady flight. Haast then dives down to slice Trebax a couple times. Trebax then slaps Maximus out the sky.

Trebax rushed towards Maximus while it had the chance. Maximus quickly raised its head and quickly flew out the way of what would’ve been a fatal bite to the neck. Maximus then swoops again and attempts to pick Trebax up again, but again, that doesn’t work, and results exactly the same, but this time, Maximus keeps flight.

Maximus, deciding to change strategy up a bit, went full on vulture on Trebax and began flying around at incredible speeds, then swoops down again to peck at Trebax, doing nothing but minorly annoying the tough skinned gorgonops.

Trebax decides to get serious and, while Maximus was trying to swoop again, bit one of Maximus’ wings, but not straight up ripping it off. This caused Maximus to fall down. Trebax went for it again, but this time got cut off by another piercing screech, causing Trebax to stop, and allowing Maximus to take flight again.

At this point, Maximus was doing nothing more than annoying Trebax. Trebax got EXTREMELY mad at this point and went full beast. It charged at Maximus, while Maximus screeched, but this time Trebax was not affected. It jumped on some random rocks, and took a flying leap, causing the camera to go into slow motion. Maximus looks shocked while Trebax comes in with… the slap of a lifetime, causing Maximus to fall out of the air, again.

Maximus then lands on a cactus, and while it bleeds a little, it isn’t hurt. There’s just one problem. It’s stuck. Maximus wakes up from its stunned state, only to be charged at with a neck, and in a cartoony fashion, gives a shocked look before getting snatched away.

Trebax then slams Maximus on the ground. With most bones broken already, Maximus could do nothing but watch in horror as Trebax slashes at Maximus so much the screen gets covered with blood, and to finish the deed, much like one of my cats did, bit the poor bird’s head off and swallowed it whole.

Trebax can then be seen spitting out the feathers. It then decides to drag the corpse of Haast Maximus, whose glow is fading away.

I made it look way more fair in the fight. It was no contest in reality. Seriously, the fight wasn’t much of a competition. It was a fragile bird that generously came in it 250 lbs vs a half ton, muscular cat-like creature. This is probably the biggest complete and utter stomp on the series! Sure, Maximus had advantages in speed and the ability to fly, and arguably more useful weapons for the situation, but Trebax had EVERY other advantage. It was stronger, more durable, and while Maximus COULD counter Trebax’s thermal manipulation, it couldn’t do so very MUCH. Birds like Maximus do die from getting too cold by default. One slap or bite from Trebax would shatter its bones, considering that birds just aren’t meant to take on creatures like this. MAN, this fight was so much more fair in my head and in the battle…Trebax should win 90/100 scenarios. I really don’t have much else to say. It was an interesting concept, but at the end of the day, a huge mismatch. The winner is Gorgotrebax, clearly.


I’d like to thank Zino from discord (I honestly don’t know his forum account) for some calcs, otherwise this would’ve been a MUCH bigger curbstomp than it was. Seriously, Trebax was gonna be 3000 pounds and have 2000 pound bite force, and be a LOT larger. Big thanks to him!

Ending and next time
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Ooh this was interesting ! I’m betting on Ankylos Lux for the next one :laughing:


Same! Ankylos for the win!


Rooting for Ankylux :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: also well written Sonic!


Guessing ankylos will win. This was very well written!


Yay the series is back!

Also if you’re taking requests i want a third part of Creature User Stereotypes

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Idk, you’d be surprised how much damage eagle and hawk talons can do. And if they’re ever on the ground defending themselves, they actually lay on their backs and kick at whatever’s trying to grab them. Golden eagles have also been known to take down wolves, deer, and pronghorn, although such circumstances are rare.

For an eagle the size of Haast Maximus, taking on a very large synapsid like Gorgotrebex and killing it wouldn’t entirely be beyond the realm of possibility :stuck_out_tongue: