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Gorgotrebax vs Mortem?

I am debating between which of the two apexes I should start trying to work on. My progress towards a good Mortem Raider is 90/200 DNA needed to unlock Tryostronix and I have a lvl 14 koolasuchus and lvl 15 scolosaurus which I am trying to get Skoolasaurus with. Of these two apexes which is better to focus on considering their performance in raids, PvP, and ease to obtain. Thank you for any input.

Mortem. 100%
Trebax is a bag of the worst RNG possible. it’s also shut down pretty hard by resils anyway.

Hadros lux and ceramagnus are by far the best. You just need an irritator level 15 for hadros lux and level 16 for ceramagnus.

If you level up irritator to level 20 you can then do mortem rex with luck unless you put 10 boosts in health then it’s almost a guaranteed win.

10 actually. Last week did Cera with my lvl 10 irri and did Hadros with him yesterday. You just need a giant maxima to tank the hits.