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Gorgotrebax: What am I missing?

EDIT: Already got my answer… Thanks for the fast reply. As I said, I was missing something…

OK, I just fought a Gorgotrebax and thought it was hitting harder than usual, so I took a screenshot. I don’t have any dinos in my team that could boost my opponent dino (ex.: using Mutual Fury). But hey, you know that when you miss something, even if you look many times you’ll still miss it, so I need your help here. What am I missing???

Gorgo was obviously level 26 (4500 health, so zero health boost). The speed in green indicate 20 boosts, which is perfectly fine at 153. But that leaves only 6 boosts for the damage… And somehow this guy had 2120 attack damage!!! Gorgo can’t boost itself, and I didn’t boost it. At level 26, it should have only 1839 damage (based on field guide). What am I missing, and where does this extra damage come from?


The gorgo you’re fighting is 0/13/13. 13 damage boosts brings to 2120 damage. The green ‘153’ speed means its speed is buffed, most likely +10% from a move which means original speed is 139
White: basic stat
Blue: boosted stat
Yellow: max-boosted stat
Green: buffed stat


Cautious Impact increases speed by 10%. No boosts needed. :slight_smile: Basic ability is also speed buffing.

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Shoot! Thanks guys. I knew I was forgetting something stupid… :slight_smile:

OP got their answer