Gorgotrebax why did they make it so weak?

It´s obvious that they should gave to Gorgotrebax “definite impact” and a “definite rampage” that attack all opponents every turn because the poor beast is very weak and needs a good reinforcement (sarcasm obviously)


No, how about definite Shield devastation (target all opponent) *also sarcasm


How about “win now” button??

It was time they added a more difficult raid Apex.


I’ve heard it’s got the Revenge Move “Salt the Earth”

Where it one shots everything in your roster leaving them dead forever, but it leaves the player alive as a warning to all it’s enemies not to mess with it.


Trebax functions fine in the sense of raid difficulty and arena use, it’s fine at least for right now

trebax is hard. i like it that way. we couldn’t get it done. it was quite enjoyable, but frustrating. i have a goal now tho, so there’s that.

Yeah they keep making them harder and harder, which I actually like. I’d probably have a strat by now but idk how the revenge works, at least for the boss

revenge was going off at random according to other people. (i wasn’t paying much attention) So ludia does have to fix that.

Even then that Doe minion is a pains to get around, skoola would work great if not for 124 speed

Unless we have Tuo withhold GA! This would then require a bit of luck with minions moves and crits, but I think we’re on to something

Inosterium, tuora, m rex, and gemini.
Tho everything needs to be pretty high lv with boosts

and if you can get the Doe to go shields, it does no damage and can be slowed.

Problem is requirements, i think skoola would work at 20, maybe even 16, but I’m not sure

i don’t think this is one that has a lower lv strat. hoped to be proved wrong, but i don’t see it.

Skoola, Tuo (I was gonna use mine for calcs), a decent TenRex, and either Thor or Gem, not sure yet

Dio, mortem, gemini and tuora worked.
I have to say that they were all leveled and boosted as hell.

Very good, keep on flattering and maybe by next time we will have a boss that has to be knocked down 20 times. To the client what he order

In round 3 is key to take Doedi out turn 1. That way Nullifying Impact in turn 3 targets only 1 dino. So other 3 starts round 4 full hp if you can 3 turn it.

I don’t mind it being difficult, I just want it to be done in two rounds. Four rounds of this stuff is tedious and frustrating. I’d maybe be able to tolerate three rounds of it needed to be “hard”.


i suggested to our clan to use 2 touras they thought inwas crazy !!! lol we did it 3 times with 2x touramoloch level 30s 1 is max boosted (mine) irritator lvl 25 health boosted and ardentis 30 unboosted its soo tough need luck with the random hits needs to hit ardentis shielded but its so OP with the bigs but at least i got this image

wrong photo sorry lolimage image