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Share strategies for the new boss


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Hi, thanks for these. How is the double Toura one winning with those Dino levels? What were the health levels?

The Apex does an insanely powerful attack so I’m confused how the dinos are surviving that ridiculous attack?


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Worked and test a few times.
We did it with weaker dinos aswell, but we dont know the minimal level yet.

Can I join ur alliance with the name imperious in the game

Yep discord me gogeta#3904. What level are you?

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I have some issues within my Alliance
But now I had join another alliance already.
Thanku for ur reply…

But can I send u a friend request we will do raids…

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Before joining my current Alliance I had sent u the request but leader repelled me so…

Hmmm ok i take a look

Awesome wins! Can we join forces?

Add me, “Rag”, #7314 :sunglasses: also, I see you speak spanish - my main language is portuguese - are you from South America too? If so, our timezones must be compatible.


I am trying to dm you i can’t find you. Gogeta#3904

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i have acouple of runs so far
the safest we have tried is gemi a nice big dior (dark helmut for spaceball fans) a nice touro and a tryst swapping shields around is the key but done it with skoola once and even a thor urgh

It’s Discord or in-game?

Discord my name

I have a toura level 25 but boosted so exact stats of 26 and have a Thor with over 6100 hp shoot me a request if u need a 4th IronCaptain 2540

ok this may be niothing but i noticed in one match round 3 thor used stun instead of hiit and it canceled the revenge hit look around 9.44 it was at that stage worth a look if you are running a thor

seems i was wrong and must have been seeing things as i could not reproduce it at all