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Gorgotrebax's Missing Resistances

Patch Notes Resistances:
Stun Res.: 100%
Swap Prevention Res.: 75%
Rend Res.: 75%
Distraction Res.: 100%
Crit Chance Reduction Res.: 100%
DOT Res.: 75%

According to this, it only has 2 of those resistances.

Why’d you do the cunning apex so dirty, Ludia?

Maybe they got confused with the boss. Those initial resistances look at lot like boss resistances.

I’m curious, which ones does it actually have?

Only the two that make it immune to cunning strike, distract and crit reduce

I suppose it could use the other resistance too. But maybe just 50% resistance to Rend and DoT.

I did this, because I didn’t think it could be apex worthy without some better resistances. The 50% decel resist is basically there to reward you for making it faster but doing less damage and having less health

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The 50% deceleration resistance only helps if you have 123 base speed or higher with a speed increase (assuming that it doesn’t get removed with a resilient attack) or 135 base speed. And even then the only thing you outspeed is Apatosaurus. Besides, it should probably be weak to decel, but the other resistances are fine. Even 50% rend and 100% stun would be ok.

Basically, putting loads of speed on it (141+) is rewarded with the rework I pulled on it. I can see how it can be oppressive, but fierces already have full cleanse and I felt as if it deserves another good strength

Its just a ridiculous investment though, so you’ll lack in hp and attack. Cleanse is strong on any class, they’ve just been giving it to fierce too often.

FYI Gorgotrebax resistances in the code have been updated in v2.4.