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Gorgotrebex Strat Thread

I believe the Minions will be Entelodon and Doedicurus. Doedicurus will have about 6685 health. Entelodon has about 5000 health.

Toura/Dio/Mortem/Gem Strat:

From Qaw, Inos/Toura/Mortem/Gemini

From Carmona:

Mine: Toura/Inos/Gemini/Thor, and Toura/Tryo/Gemini/Thor

Disclaimer!: If the Doedicurus Minion does not use Group Shield on Turn 1 of Round 1, follow these strats:

** * Thor MUST be slower than Tryo**

Disclaimer!: If the Doedicurus Minion does use Group Shield on Turn 1 of Round 1, use these strats:

** * Thor MUST be slower than Tryo**

If Round 2 for any of the above strats does go on to Turn 4 instead of ending at Turn 3, just have Gemini, Thor, and Tryo go for normal Strike Attacks. Toura should then use Greater Emergency Heal, and on Turn 2 of Round 3 use Group Accel, and Greater Emergency Heal again at the start of Round 4


Will it work?
Cause RTC will be got nullify from Cunning ability ( i forgot name of it )

Doedicurus 6685 Field Guide

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The Cunning Rampage on turn 3 of Round 1 will most likely end up targeting the Touramoloch who will probably still be under the effects of the RTC, but for the others, the buff should be gone after two attacks anyway.

It might be a slight problem when it uses Nullify Impact on Turn 2 of Round 2, but I believe I’ve accounted for it.

Rounds 3, the RTC will be finished by the time it Nullifies.

Round 4 it’ll nullify on Turn 2, but that won’t be an issue since it’ll just be everyone do as much damage as possible after that.


Oh ok thanks for info

Does the Entelodon have the same stats as it does in Hadros Lux?

No, they are different, one boosted on speed and the other on attack.

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Less lv hp and atk but has speed more than
(I mean entelodon )

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Let’s say the strat works, it’s another example of how Ludia are getting players to use boosts on teams that are only useful for raids. Both the Toura and the Tryo will need some boosts to be suitable, not to mention some serious levelling up.

This one seems to be an apex that won’t be so easy to carry a low level player through like the others.


It’s outright impossible to carry a low level player. It has 75% Resist to Distraction, and Revenge Nullifying Impact on Turn 2 of Round 2. The revenge part of it coming into effect when one of the minions is offed, where it Impacts all 4 players.

If it doesn’t CRIT, that’s still a little over 3000 attack coming through on everyone, so safe to say, anything under that’s not making it.

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Not a bad thing really, as the availability of the apex dinos to low level players will ultimately cause imbalance as they unlock them.


I think I might have to buff up Gemini’s attack to 1900 to account for the potential lack of a CRIT on either it’s or Thor’s part.


Updated the Strat.

New Strat added

What if we use indoraptor gen2 instant inostherium?

The problem with Indoraptor G2 is that it can’t get rid of opponent attack buffs, or negate critical hit chances. Inostherium is the only creature in the game with an attack-buffing move and the ability to do these things.


Seems like inso is pretty useful in raids. I might have to get my own insane inso…


If Inostherium turns out to viable here, I’ll be pretty happy considering I levelled mine to 23 for Ceramagnus, only for the Ceramagnus raid to be nerfed the week after.


I actually realized a mistake here. If Doedicurus uses Group Shield on Turn 1, the Entelodon will survive Turn 1 regardless. Which could be a problem, but I fixed Toura’s moves a bit, since Gem’s GI will be tanking the Gorgo’s attacks anyway