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Gorod Krovi lookng for more active members

We need more members that are willing to participate and help us reach higher tiers, getting a little tired of only taking on 1* chests. Right now there is only two of us and there is no bp requirements, we just wish to recruit more loyal and active members.

if you and your 2nd person would like to hit 5* alphas you can jump in to Scotland

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If your clan has only two members, and you’re having difficulty gaining active players, it might be in your best interest to merge with another clan. There are a good few to choose from!

You could take the suggestion of @Calm01 above :point_up:, or if you’d like to look through your options, you can peruse through the Clan Recruitment subsection here on this forum. Good luck!


If you are interested you can join Vikings New Age. We are now hitting 5* with only 10 active players.
I’ll be checking if you let me here you names and numbers! :grin:

I dont want to join another clan i want to stay in my clan

That’s perfectly fine if you’d like to stay within your own clan and build from there :slight_smile: It’s merely a suggestion for those that are interested in achieving higher level chests sooner but are having difficulty in gaining members.

I had posted some tidbits for another clan on here about what I’ve been seeing on the forums for how to gain members, so I’ll just post that here too, in hopes it will be of some help:

’ I’m not exactly well versed in the way of clan recruitment or building or anything like that, but there are those here that are. And they have had some helpful tidbits for others in the past. I believe it was @Talisax that stated the best way to go about recruitment is to post detailed information about your clan, such as the current size, what level of Alpha you’re facing, do you have any requirements (BP level, activeness, etc)

And @Featherwing, I believe, was also having a touch of difficulty at first but I think they stated they found things to be much smoother once Discord was involved. (Note: I was mistaken on this, btw, as @Featherwing corrected me in stating they had luck with Facebook and through the in-game channels, not Discord) As well as they posted ads for their clan on the most active Facebook pages for Titan Uprising and HTTYD. I want to say @Talisax echoed these sentiments, as have others.

I don’t know if there is another one, as I’m not personally involved in it, but I believe this to be the TU Discord? It’s run by @LightFury, who I think also gives much of the content to the wiki.

Best of luck~! ’

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I do recruit from Discord too nowadays. But fb is the main recruitment place.

Ah, and the recruitment ads have to be precise and informative regarding what the clan seeks, of course.

Usually people want to join a high level clan, and that’s why I get replacements rather easy now. There always are those who are new to the game and need a beginner’s clan, so you’ll eventually get some of them in your own, but - a piece of advice: when you get around 15 members, start putting in requirements. If you don’t, you can forget getting to the higher level chests. Because, you see, newbies aren’t always that motivated, you’ll get inactives… A lot of inactives. And the people who initially liked the clan will start feeling its holding them back, and leave. Then it will be back to square one with you.

And even if they don’t leave, I can assure you there’s a limit to how much power a clan can accumulate when there are no requirements. Check Alpha health, measure how much health a player can take away for it to go down, and then you’ll see they’ll need to have a certain battle prowess for that to work. Be realistic.

Usually when you battle an Alpha, it will give you a suggestion of battle power for the fight. That suggestion will be your guide in setting requirements up.

In my case, I begun with requirements from day 1. Because I was always of a mind that beginners have a limited capacity for defeating Alphas, and I hated the idea of inviting them in one moment and kicking them out the next, when they couldn’t be any useful. Thus, I made sure to focus on recruiting equal and higher players to me, so that would be prevented.

People thought me mad in the beginning, for “asking too much”. But it has worked for me. Lvl8 with only kicking inactives and rejecting people who applied for membership in clan but were under the requirements of the day. No backstabbing, no false promises.

I found the right people and ascended.