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Gosh, battling so hard after tourney


I decided to splurge and spend about 650k coins Id been saving to make a new team - but so far no luck:

My tarbo won’t crit
My galli won’t dodge

What gives? :sob:

How are you doing after tourneys over?


Kicking ass and taking names… of course now the RNG Gods are with me!

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To be short: It’s S**CKS . I took a dive in Sorna, thrown back to about 3350 trophies and I’m facing Indoraptor, green chickens and other lvl 22 / 23 dinos in Sorna. I can have more peace with Draco G2 then what I’m facing now.:exploding_head: I feel like I’m standing with a mini-gun against a bunch of canons.

Sigh, that felt better.:blush:

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Not so well… ended the tournament at 4,947 trophies, did 8 battles since, lost 7. Not that it matters anymore, just weird.

In your case, adjusting to a new team might explain it?

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Why commons?

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I dont think the op was being serious… but i am fighting level 27s at 4200 hundred so i can only imagine those that drop to farm easy incs during turney are climbing back up


Still just hoping for an incubator…I should bring my draco2 back in so I can get some. :rofl:

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For fun! :smiley:

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When incubator received I will go Arena 1 or 2 again. Still fighting too strong people in 4200 for my team. Not happy, not having fun. At least with level 5 to 10 dino team I have much more fun than in these high arenas.

Note: Ludia, winter holidays have already ended… hope some things improve by February


Same. I take my beating and move on.

When their lead is a 27 Stego or 24 Thor, I just get it over with as quick as possible so they can move on.

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For some reason I am finding Arena battles harder now after the tournament than when it was running.

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Yeah i think alot dropped and now are climbing back up… every team ive faced today has had a level advantage of 3-4 over me except for one.

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Pretty much the same and playing their big guns.

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I just did my first arena battle after the tournament, opponent used both a Indominus Rex Cloak + Dracorex G2 on me. I finished it off with my own Cloaked Indominus Rex. So I guess I’m doing fine as far as battles go. Idk.

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