Got a prize drop reward and an aquatic creature before level 25 and cannot find it in market

I got the prize drop reward. It gave me an aquatic creature (I am not level 25), but for some reason, I cannot hatch it nor can I find it in the market. Since I found a topic in this forum about someone getting an aquatic creature before level 25 and he said he was able to hatch it. Is it a normal occasion or not? (Sorry if I got a wrong format or anything, this is my first time writing on the forum)


First of all, welcome to the forums!
I’m not sure what happened, but most people are able to hatch it and use it when they get lvl 25, maybe you already hatched it, check the hatchery. If not, send a support gmail with your support code to . You can find the code by either pressing the settings button in the top right, by pausing a battle, or on the loading screen. It will say “Support Code” followed by a series of numbers or letters, and send that to ludia in the gmail.

(By the way I colored over mine because you have to keep your support codes private)


Thanks so much. :smiley:


Oh yeah, I forgot to include as a heads up that ludia will take like 5 buisness days to respond, buisness days are basically weekdays.