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Got a quick question about Dino sprites

I got a question. I have seen many people having Dino’s similar to me, but their sprites have some stars on them. Some have 3 stars, some have 5… What are does stars and what do they mean? And How can I get those star sprites Dino’s?

Also, I am really into this game. Is there any Chatting servers that we all use? Eg: Discord, etc?
I would like to join it too.

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The stars are no longer there in the game, they were nuked long back. There’s no chatting server yet…


Oh, Thanks for the clarification!

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Also, can we start a new server, so that we can have a community chat outside these forums?

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@TAHER_RASSIWALA that would be awesome, if we could chat in-game and possibly even trade resources. Unfortunately that may not happen since Ludia probably is more interested to keep JWA alive (pun intended) so they might not give in so much effort to work on JWTG.

Although there is a good contradiction to this theory too, JWTG has five times more players than JWA does. But it’s Ludia soooo


Yeah, It would be really awesome!
Making friends, trading resources, Team Battles, Team Achievements,etc!

I meant to say that we should start a chat server outside of the game, eg: Discord… Where we can chat and have fun!

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They were used in the past to denote the rarity and power level of dinosaurs.
Golden stars: These were for non-hybrids. Commons start of with no stars and gain one more each time their level cap increases (i.e L10 to L20). Rares start of with 1 star, Super rares with 2 stars and Legendaries/Tournament with 3 stars. Therefore the max number of golden stars a dinosaur can have is 6 (L40 Legendary/Tournament).

Purple stars: They are the same as the golden stars although just for hybrid dinosaurs. And so the max number of purple stars a dinosaur can have is 6.

Although it’s irrelevant now, I still use it as a gauge to choose which dinosaurs to use in the various tournament leagues. Hope this was easy enough to understand. :grinning:

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Yeah, I got it.
Thank you Very much!

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Nice pun. Lol

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