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Got an idea for a hybrid for Eyrops

So I’ve been thinking, why not have a amphibian+amphibian hybrid?

Eyrops+Kapro gen 2

Hp[10]: 3089
Attack[10]: 983
Dna cost: 26k

Hp[20]: 5890
Attack[20]: 1823

Hp[30]: 7503
Attack[30]: 2604

Hp[40]: 9230
Attack[40] 3707

Amount it makes[40] 476,326/9 hours

Aren’t they both tournament creatures? Stats seem kind of underwhelming for a tournament+tournament hybrid

Lemme edit

I’d raise it a bit more, the base level 10 should be at least on par with the level 40 kapro or eryops, and remember that tournament hybrids are the likes of armormata, yudon, and pachygalasaurus, around 22,000 ferocity as opposed to 15,500 ferocity.

Ah sorry for late response typing a huge book, ima edit the dino again

Pretty good :+1:

Please tell hybrid name eryosuchus or kaproyops


Indeed, thanks

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