Got any counters for thylo?

I honestly have no idea what would beat it, or any wild cards in general

Erlindominus should be good against it. Also Allo Gen 2 is ok against it, Indominus Rex,Becky, Quezt, Velosrhacos, Monorhino, Monolometrodon,

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Erlidominus, both Indoms, Magna, both Monolos, Orion, Erlikospyx, Allo G2, Pterovexus

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any rend creatures are typically immune to bleed so use them, especially the chomping ones such as indy

Quetzorion is the best counter against it atm aside from magna and its legendary clone.

Erlidom and spyx do pretty good against it however if they don’t one shot it both will be slowed and rely on mind games to win once slowed.


Erlidom can go cloak and 1shot it. its slowing move is just precise.

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Touch’e, just gotta hope your erlidoms got the hp to survive two potential precises strikes.

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The thing is that most of the time you want to focus health on thyla, since its main moves are based around bleed and rend. Outside of that, its damage is abysmal at best. So surviving 2 precise strike should be a piece of cake, or whatever dessert you like.


Equal grounds (lv 26 no boosts), 2500 max coming from thyla. erlidom survives pretty easily. from there it’s just a matter of how much building for typical boost spreads.

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Staying within the rarity, prorat, fairly easy to make immune to dot & nullifies every turn so prowl would be fairly useless, also thylo is not resistant to distraction, others within the rarity include gorgosuchus cleanse dot can’t be decelerated 3 point speed advantage at base speed but could be in trouble with he’s rending take down as no resistance, spino g2 lethal wound , & cleansing strike speed advantage at 122 .

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All mind games all the time.

Trust me, the thing confuses the heck out of everyone. It’s so fun


Outside the rarity mono came straight to mind , easy to get immune to everything about thylo & at base stats is superior nullify for prowl immune to dot can’t be decelerated

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Oh & 75% rend resistance

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Lol I can’t wait to unlock it. Waiting to reach L3.

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1v1 Thyla has no chance against erlidom. It could win against spyx but It needs 2 crits or go SS predicting instant distraction on the second turn. Either way it doesn’t really have the advantage against spyx.

All joke aside

Now-a-days everyone want to talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish. All you friendly people act like we forgot about ALLORAPTOR.

Rampage, then either cunning strike (if you’re wounded) or distracting rampage if they prowled.

Also, cunning strike works if they prowled, too. Then you just need to deliver one more hit.

Basically, it’s hard to screw it up

Shes not immune to bleed tho. And is quite frail.

Cunning strike removes DoTs and attack buffs. Distracting impact halves dmg. You’ll beat Thylo and lose about ⅓ of your HP

Thyla is slower so at least 1 dot is going to stick. 1700-2450 in damage on allorap depending on distraction and crits. If thyla crits on the maiming wound even if distracted, allorap is in kill range of a swap in from a DC, rhino or ceratopian. Allorap does kill thyla, but that’s only if thyla doesnt swap out after bleeding it.

I really don’t see the point. Lots of counters to lots of stuff can be put in range of a DC swap. Yes, it’s fragile, but so is Erlidom.

Swap Lania on when Erlidom cloaks.

You can play the hypothetical game all day if you want to.

It we’re playing this game, Rampage your Alloraptor, then swap in your own DC.