Got any creature/hybrid ideas, I will try my best to draw them! (Requests now OPEN)

I’m feeling kinda bored rn so I’m open to draw some of your creature ideas! You can suggest both non hybrid and hybrid creatures (I don’t mind) and they can be Jurassic, Aquatic or Cenezoic. I will draw your creature in it’s level 40 form and I may create some stats for it too!

Here are some examples of dinos that I drew recently (these drawings aren’t the best of quality and I will draw your suggestions on non lined paper):

Brontosaurus (A Jurassic Park Builder Legend)

Pliocarpus (Reef Tournament Hybrid of Platecarpus and Pliosaurus)

A trio of tournament pterosaur hybrids

From left to right:
Amargopterus (Arambourgiania and Amargasaurus/ stats similar to Scorpios Rex).

Hadrouxuara (Tupuxuara and Corythosaurus/ stats similar to Erliphosaurus).

and Areoken (Areotitan and Kelenken/ it’s stats would be around 7,400 heath and 2,950 attack).

All you need to do is type in your creature suggestion in the comments and I shall draw it as soon as I can! :slight_smile:


Maybe a hybrid between Carnoraptor and Tarbosaurus?

Interesting! Should it be a raptor or a tyrannosaur?

Uhm… let’s make it a tyrannosaur

Ah okay cool, I will start drawing it soon

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Here you go! I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Thank you! Looks awesome, btw

How about an amphibian hybrid from KAPRO GEN 2 and SINOCERATOPS ?

Thanks in advance

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Make Corythosaurus and Tupuxuara

use Cory animation

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Regaliceratops and Ichthyonax (Glythronax x Ichthyostega).

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Such a cool drawing bruhh

Thank you for the suggestion! I will draw it as soon as I can

Ooh okay! I imagine it to be a Corythosaurus with the crest and beak of the Tupuxuara (maybe some fluff?)

  1. Plionite = ammonite +pliosaurus (pliosaurus with ammonite shell)
  2. Amargahadros = amargasaurus + edmontosaurus (edmontosaurus with a sail and amargasaurus lvl 40 tail)
  3. Bagepelta = bageherpeton + antarctopelta (bageherpeton with spikes and a club)

Non hybrids

  1. Yurlunggur
  2. Olorotitan (iguanodon rig)
  3. Megacephalosaurus

Regaliceratops would be a cool ceratopsid to see in the game! And your hybrid sounds very interesting, but should it be an amphibian or a carnivore?

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10 chars

Oooh these are some great suggestions! I especially like the Plionite and the Bagepelta but I will get round to drawing them all


Amphibian, since there’s not that many.

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Update on the dino drawings: I have been rather busy today so I haven’t made much progress with the creature drawings but I’m planning on continuing drawing your suggestions in a few hours
(That would be 8:00pm in my country)

Thank you all for you suggestions :slight_smile:


Hello. Can you pls do shunosaurus and scaphognathus? Pterosaur pls

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