Got any creature/hybrid ideas, I will try my best to draw them! (Requests now OPEN)

Take your time ! I can’t wait to see how my requests will look :slight_smile: Quality over time !

I haven’t forgotten about you guys btw, I’m currently busy with school stuff and I have limited free time to draw out your creature ideas. I’m currently working on the first bunch of suggestions and I will post them on here as soon as I can, thank you for your patience and understanding


There is some ideas i got :

  • Cearadactylus (based on JWE2) (Rarity : Rare)

  • Cymbospondylus (Based on Sea monsters) (Will be a surface type instead of reef) (Rarity : Tournament)

  • Cearaspondylus (Base : Cearadactylus) (add cymbospondylus head , remove the crest and add the cymbospondylus tail)

  • Cearaspondimus (Cearaspondylus with Galllimimus S-DNA) (Use gallimimus as the base)


very cool!!!

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