Got him!

After months of farming Grypo in sanctuary, I finally fused Grypolyth. That’s another dino to my collection (8 left), but he’s not going into my team. I think he’s too weak when comparing to this

IMO Dio is a better counter-attacker. Change my mind if you want


just a matter of prefference. I use grypo in place of dio. Different nieches of counter attackers.

It somewhat depends what you’re facing. Grypolyth and Diorajasaur are similar in an end product. While Diorajasaur is more efficient in killing lower health creatures such as Erlidominus, Grypolyth is better in killing high health creatures like Geminititan.

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Dio don’t have no escape ,rending counter attack and regeneration

Congrats on Unlocking him!

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Thinking in that logic… Grypolyth doesn’t have 30% armor, decelerating move, 90% distraction and invincibility.

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