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Got kicked out of alliance bug?

My friend got kicked out of alliance twice already and I’ve been wondering what happened and it turns out to be a bug. I’ve heard rumours saying a leader got kicked out of their own alliance, ludia seriously need to put this bug on their fix list

Communication is extremely important with many alliances now (for building sanctuary or raids). Often, new players are being asked to join a communication channel like Discord. If they don’t, they often get kicked out… Maybe your friend is not following some simple instructions like that?

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She certainly was, it’s been a month since we both joined the alliance and she got kicked twice all of a sudden. I’ve asked the leader about that and even the leader said it’s some kind of bug and asked her to reapply, but the alliance is somehow full and now she has nowhere to go

I wonder what happens if alliance has only 1 leader and gets kicked by a bug.