Got level 15 ankylosaurus


Which legendary dino should I use the DNA from the ankylosaurus for?


Ankytrosaurusfor future trykosaurus


Is the raja not good or am I just going straight for the unique dino?


Raja is good, some guys are using him instead his unique, but trykosaurus is a totally beast, i get smashed everytime i faced a leveled trykosaurus dont matter what i have xd he just break all shields and doing crits of 5k everytime and counter attaquing +instant invincibility


Need to compare apples to apples. Not Rajakylosaurus to Trykosaurus, but Diorajasaur to Trykosaurs, the third gen of each.

Either way, I hope to see less now that the ban wave is happening. Kinda ruined the game to see people pull out these beasts that’s are supposed to take a couple years to get.