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Got light fury as 1st person in game

People who are saying impossible to get light fury in event please check here.:rofl::rofl::joy::sunglasses: !

Ps I edited my pic thats not real. I’m f2p. Can’t get her. I was just kidding. Lol

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How? I’ve tried upgrading up my dragons but nothing works they made her sooooooo hard!

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Man, you could have bought me a car with all the money you spent

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Um, what the heck dude. How much of a whale are you? Do I need to send a group of marine biologists to you? I can’t begin to imagine how much cash you would have needed to drop on this. What I can say is that, for all practical purposes, there are an infinite number of better things you could have spent that on…

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I don’t remember how much payed forgot to count lol

Hey @Madara_Uchiha congrats on this one! :blush::partying_face:
May you please share with us what she needs to be upgraded after you trained her the first time.
Btw I was certain people will have her by the end of the event, but you even made it two days in and not after 10 days, just wow

Hey @Grizzl gus you can get her I know that just try harder lol
Btw nice to see you here :ok_hand::wink:

Ludia must be happy having someone like you playing this game :rofl::joy::joy:


Sounds like you know me @Madara_Uchiha
I mean, do we know each other? (maybe from PQ?)
irritated :sweat_smile:

I’m sure you grizzlygus my guildmate. If not sorry. :joy:

I already got ton of scales so I’m not worry much.

You need to ask ludia if they are happy or not. Lmao