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Got me shook


The last crop of new creatures turned my world upside down. Two obscure commons made a Legendary, Nodopato got its third Legendary Hybrid, buffs and nerfs all over… What?
I’ve found it very hard to spend any dna from any creature for any reason, in fear of it being a waste moving forward.
I’m a collector first, combatant second. I’m not the only one in this weird spot, am I?


Nope! Me too! I basically stopped leveling up my dinosaurs! I am shooting for a record of 100,000 dna saved on something! I only work on what I already have and use in my team!

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Same here. If you look, even my team all but two could be levelled. But I’m just like what’s the point. As soon as someone complains about any of them, they’re gonna get nerfed and all my hard work will have been a waste.


@Ned @Sara @Jorge @Jay1 @Jason @John @Tim

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@Rolybert @TyrannosaurusLex your words bring me relief :sob::pray:t2:


this was nothing compared to the update where they nerfed raptors. basically every dino got a different move set. and there are like 15 raptors that were rendered totally useless.


I don’t think I was playing yet by then but I would have been livid.


i have a level 24 v-raptor that would have stayed at 20. so probably out 200,000 coins and 50-60k DNA.
level 21 utah raptor. would have stayed at 15. out probably another 100,000 coins and 10-15k DNA.
those ones hurt the most.


My team are currently staying at level 20 for almost every dino, except stegod and tragod. These guys can easily stay above 4000, enough for me, not worth risking my valuable coins for something that might be trashed.

Even if I invest all the coins, I’m not getting up to the next arena, so why not pile up DNA and see what will happen?


The update with the Raptor-nerf didn’t really affect me, but this one has. I care about stats, but not nearly as much as the idea that my Dracorex Gen2 or Tenontosaurus may one day get a Unique Hybrid.


I’m also hesitant to level my dinos because Ludia likes to nerf. Sometimes I think they do it intentionally under the guise of listening to other players’ cry for nerfs because by nerfing a dino, it forces other players to spend on leveling up other dinos so it actually is in the their business interest to do so :laughing:

Anyway, these days I find that if I do want to level dinos, I level the “movie stars” of the franchise like IRex and IndoRaptor because they are unlikely to get nerfed. I also level the strong dinos that players don’t get to see as often in arenas. For example, people complain about Stegodeus because it gets overleveled and used a lot so there are more players exposed to it. However, Ankyntrosaurus is actually even more of a pain yet because of its rarity, not that many get exposed to her so less cries for nerfs. In cases like this, if one has the dna, she is a much safer one to level unless you want to go for Tryko.

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Great point @Idris


Getting there myself…


I don’t know about you but I have got tons that I can seriously level up…


Wow! Great to hear I’m not the only one! I also stopped leveling up my dinos and stopped spending coins because of all this stupid nerfs…i’m working on piling up to 1million coins. No point in leveling up beyond level 20 when they will nerve meya dinos in next update or match you with opponents with even higher dinos. And i dont care about tournaments, because the reward you get is farr less than what you spend to level up dinos in order to be competitive … i am not going to fall into Ludia’s trap


I’ve moved to an area with fewer nearby supply drops, which makes it harder to get coins. So I’m pretty tight-fisted with what I have, and I’ve not levelled anything in ages even thought my team needs it. I’m crippled by indecision. Might be part of what I’m playing less and less.

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Completely the same situation in regards to not wanting to spend DNA in case the creature gets a hybrid in a future update. Hybrid paralysis.

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I’ve often held off on levelling my dinos unless they have a hybrid for me to collect. However, I decided to fight through the tedium of the arena recently and I’m toying with the idea of levelling up some of my unused dinos just to add a bit of variety and sod the consequences.


I haven’t stopped stopped leveling anything. Just keep on slowly chipping away at the dinosaurs I ise regularly. However, I’ve been hording kaprosuchus DNA because I don’t know whether to level up Megalosuchus, Gorgusichus, or level Kapro to 15 and work on Spinosuchus…,

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Its like dilouran… that first nerf they ended up reverting was a warning… but they reverted it ,how many countinued to level theirs after the revert… only for them to nerf it again to make room for the new hybrid…