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Got megaloceros from scent :)

After clearing cache and using scent of claws (I had only 1) I found megaloceros :slight_smile: Now only 1x dino missing from complete collection for 1.11


Sweet - we have one in a sanctuary now so 1/3 of the way to creating it; Bajatonodon is on 60/200 (may go park hunting this weekend) but Rhino is only L15 so its hybrid is a way off - guess that’s the one you still have to get …

Exactly :slight_smile:

May your Christmas be Rhino-filled :beers:


Too bad, used up all my claws scents last year. But I’m sure we’re gonna see it sanctuaries everywhere soon.


It looks so beautiful!


Yup, similar to the painting I made last week of Deer standing at night.


It’s beautiful, but same time the deer seems like a fantasy / alien creature with leafy antlers. Reminds me of Baron Munchausen’s stag.

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Yup, I recently got interest in paintings with Acrylic paints and this is my 3rd one ever. I am still learning (myself from youtube tutorials) using different brushes and palette knifes. So end-up using brush bit wrongly on deer’s horns.

I think the leafy antlers are actually the coolest part. It’s like it represents the spirit of the forest. Only the snout could have been a bit thicker.
I used to paint when I was a teenager, but all I had were water colors, and the only one to see them was my arts teacher, who wanted to present some clothing models I’ve painted to someone involved with paintings, but I forgot to give her the painting so nothing came of it. Now I moved on to digital stuff, mostly vector arts, and am animating stuff for my game. Vector drawings work for cartoonish style.


Got the deer on both accounts now thanks to FIPs :smile:

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