Got my end game team. Now to level it

Just feels good to finally have the team all set as per my vision:

Huge callout to my wife (who darts for me while i drive) and my alliance who donates to me.

Happy with the team. Just need more sino and somehow more stiggy and Ill be set. Want em all 26.


Wow, nice team! Pretty similar to mine execpt that i play Lord Tryko & Tenonto instead of Spinota and Thor…The rest is the same, maybe with some lower level dino :sweat_smile:! Pretty enthusiastic about tuora too! Good job!!

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Thanks! Yeah, Im gonna make tuora work dang it lol.

Work with what ya got!


Not to rain on your parade, but Ludia will probably just nerf everything you love in the next update.


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Woohoo the wives with the darting! (Says the wife who does all the darting!)

(Edit to add clarification, I am not Wrothgar’s wife, LOL)


I am still a believer in Tuora. Leveling it is hard though

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Good looking out. We have 4 starters in pairs😋. I would have thor replace tenonto, but this team belongs to rinex.
PS: Teno is a sorry-ss. It’s kind of a solo king style and little time could it fit in the team role.