Got my refund with no help from Ludia!


After 20 or so emails back and forth with Ludia support and getting no help after providing proof of errors and missing games cash that I purchased I finally got Apple and google play store to refund 145$ I will be getting it soon. I tried to resolve the issues I had for 3 weeks now and get this I was only asking for them to refund game cash of 1,500 that got used when they did an update a month or so ago that was really not that much. But since they refused to help me or give me anything I called Apple and got my 9.99 VIP membership refunded for 3 months and cancelled this months and then I called google and showed them proof of what happened as I did for Ludia and google actually did something unlike Ludia they decided to refund all my in app purchases of 77.25. I tried to resolve this with Ludia I did not want all this money back but because they ignored me and treated me very badly when they did respond I decided to return the favor. They have lost a paying customer I would have spent triple this amount in the next few months but now I will not spend anything. Same with my husband he canceled his VIP and got a refund for his 4 months along with a $56.99 refund. LUDIA you need to learn how to treat paying customers and get new employees who actually know how to resolve an issue. You will continue to loose money and customers as long as you keeep treating them badly. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BAD EMPLOYEES!!!


Well said mate… horrible money grabbing company and I give this post 15 minutes until it’s taken down by ludia…

See no evil, hear no evil


18 minutes, ya wrong :relieved:


Wow 12 hours later !!


Thank you all for your support! I actually wrote them and said if my post gets taken down it will show how shady you guys are… I am just as surprised as you guys that it’s still up. I hope this helps other people so they don’t get scammed like I did.


I’m doing the same thing. Ludia asked my support # already because on my last email, I wrote I want my refund.:wink::wink::wink::wink:


Hey jake they asked from me I gave them my game Id I gave them all the proof…I guarantee you won’t get nothing…I urge you to get in touch with what ever game store you have (Apple or google play store). They will try to tell you they can’t do anything but you insist on speaking to a high level supervisor they will help you. I hope this helps you.


It is quite disheartening to see Ludia unable or unwilling to help in reasonable time frames. I’ve had to submit help requests for many games and services in the past but Ludia stands out like a sore thumb when it comes to a lack of prompt answers.

Maybe they are stretching their resources too thin and are constantly working on a backlog of reported issues and are under explicit instructions to prioritize certain things above all else?

I am currently worried that if they are delaying money-related issues then that makes me believe in-game nuisances will take so long that the details of the reports will be muddied or confused to the point where they will be brushed off altogether.


Did you get your refund through Apple or Google?
I’m really struggling to find someone to email through Google play


I purchased a £10 incubator which I didn’t receive. After I emailed Ludia, it took eight day for them to email me back to say they will send it to me, and another three or four days to actually receive the incubator in my inbox (along with two smaller free ones of cash and coins).
I get the impression they are really understaffed, and probably don’t know how to deal with the influx. They really should just expand their customer service, especially when people spend a fair bit of money in this game.


They may have horrible customer service but I don’t see how you are justified in having all in app purchases refunded. That doesn’t seem fair.


They broke their own TOS.


I guess you were wrong! :yum:

I contacted Google and got near enough all my money back that I spent on the game. This pathetic excuse for a game, will never get a penny more out of me.

RIP JWA and Ludia


I meant Carl was wrong that it would be deleted in 15 minutes haha


Why do I always get the wrong end of the stick… :slight_smile:️


They are not bound by their own ToS. The ToS apply to their customers and users. In any case, how did they break them?

Unless you mean they broke the ToS provided to them by apple and Google, but I don’t see how you possibly know the agreement they have.



Because I have them a month to give me back my 1500 in game cash and they didn’t the last email I got they said sorry we can’t help you. So since they want to play games I was like fine I’m just gonna get all my money back. I didn’t want it to be that way at all I gave them every opportunity to do the right thing and they didn’t. And I told them if you don’t help me and give me my money back I will get it all back that’s when they responded with sorry we can’t help you. It’s like they didn’t believe me at all and didn’t think I could get my money back.


With Apple you have to go though the live chat when they get you to a supervisor the supervisor will help you the lower staff can’t refund money. Same with google but you have to call them always I repeat always speak to the highest supervisor you can get they will help you. The lower staff members will try to not help sometimes just tell them I need someone you can issue refunds usually it’s a manger or staff supervisor. I hope this helps.


I’ll give them a call… I still want to play the game, but I won’t be spending any more money on these lying cheats