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Got my Spinoconstrictor!

Took forever to get!!


It is such an awesome creature but a shame that many people run 5-6 immune creatures on their team.

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True it is a shame. I am more than likely going to level it before putting it on my team.

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Can you guys show me what this thing can do at 21 in library? I’m nervous to boost it but hear it destroys indo gen 2…but have also NEVER seen it.

Love spinoconstrictor’s design. Shame bleeders aren’t really good, but this guy is really good against indo gen 2, especially if you boost hp and attack

I’ve fought a couple of Spinocons in High Aviary(4850-4999), and I can say those don’t exactly ‘crush’ IG2. I used mine and it killed the Spinocon with ease(that was because I predicted the Sidestep and used MF). I’ve been in library a couple of times, and with the level 27 Indo Gen 2s I can say it probably would need some health boosts and levels

Indo has to boost itself sorta evenly while spino mainly boosts hp and then damage, so, in a boosted arena, it would beat it. The same with thylacotator

on euqual levels, constrictor has a favorable match up against indo g2. It only needs to survive 2 CS to win. Turn one you go PR. Indo will 99% of the time go CS. from there it is a guessing game. if indo goes CS or DSR and you go sidestep you win. if it goes MF on your sidestep it can win if it crits the CS on the next turn.

To be completely honest, the Spinocon I fought was only 22 and had 1 health boost. My Indo Gen 2 is level 25 and has 1500 Attack so it wasn’t a complete fair fight.

Yeah, but at equal levels, the ball is in spinoconstrictor’s court (but indo can win). When you boost spino’s hp and attack, it is already slower, so it should pull off the win with hp boosts.

So sadly what I’m hearing is I should stick to ardentis and Gemini…since there’s no way I’m getting spinoconstrictor to the level of my team (24-26) and ALSO getting the boosts I don’t have to mirror the indos I’m seeing with upwards of 1.8k damage and 5.5-6k hp. That sucks. Gonna have to wait to try it in skill tournaments I guess.

She is a fun creature to play tho. the shenanigans you can pull off with swaps is fun.

Sadly, the best creatures are gamini, maxima, moth, and mammolania, so there isn’t much it can do in that tournament

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I’ve loved the boas since they came out, and use them every time I can in the skill tournaments…problem is dna is too scarce and the PvP arena is either immune or so wildly boosted I can’t afford to change my team quickly. It sucks :cry:

I just said what the heck, and leveled this to 26 yesterday. It’s situational, but it works.

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I wish i had the coins to do that.

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Coins? I wish I had enough snek DNA to do that.

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It took awhile. It was a combo of FIPing, it being the Daily Mission, and it being the Seasonal Reward. Worth it though. I like using it against Thor and Tryko

FIP? What’s that?

Using your Food, Interactions, and Play items in Sanctuaries. FIP for short