Got the DNA but can't create the dino


Any ideas other than restart etc?


Are you able to provide screenshots or additional information?

If you’re referring to a hybrid, you may need to fuse DNA for that creature first…


When I next see one I’ll screenshot the DNA count,as once it’s on the create screen you can’t see the DNA number is no longer visible


Saidly without screenshots we are not able to help you, seen that we see everything is as usual on our game

here I have coins for fusing but not enough Dna

here I see that I have all the Dna needed to level up the dino if coins were enough.

If you want you can email Ludia with your support key if you see a bug on your game, but it will take a bit for the reply…


Not… enough… coin… aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhh!


Close… but not close enough…