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Got turned to mush

So uhm, I am not the best player in the world. Currently in aviary. But the algoritm might have come across a hic up or something I was kind of out lvled. Slightly a bit.

If this was actual arena and not the tournament, I would say you found a dropper. That team has no business in Aviary.

At this point, nothing surprises me. My fully boosted team is meeting all kinds of teams in Gyro Depot due to Ludia making Arena a wheel of fortune.

The fella could easily have a bad streak or just wanna have his own fun given how bad playing at the right level is.

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Only way I see this team in aviary is if he would be completely unboosted, even then thats pushing it.

Yeah seems you’re a bit out leveled

Oh trust me, somehow there’s tons of players with these kinds of lvls and insane amount of boosts in the aviary… I was stuck there for a long time, with better team as Trissies too, but since the update I could move forward to the library. Though I still drop back into the aviary time to time.

Yea cause all 10 million players (exaggerated)
Who do this are in bottom aviary and they do this

Yea that’s a 117 speed indom no other boosts in any creature (beat that with quetzorion then lost to the anklyloco he had) (also had attack and health boosts)
Then the raptor with 152 speed and 2400 in health and attack how are they at bottom aviary