Gotta give credit where credit is due

This game has been a great way for me to learn about dinosaurs I’d never even heard of until I started playing. Before JWA, the only dinosaurs I was familiar with were T-Rex and maybe Triceratops.The game helped me recognize most of the dinosaurs featured in Dominion. I was already a big fan of the franchise, but knowing what species were in the movie made it even better!

This game also gives me something to do while riding my trike around town. Recumbent trikes like mine are the best way to enjoy AR games like JWA and PoGo. I get more exercise because I ride longer in order to max out all the supply drops daily.

I introduced a friend to this game yesterday. He happened to show up at the same theater I was seeing Dominion (for the second time) at. I was with another friend so we all sat together. After the movie he installed JWA, and we played for hours. He is disabled, so the darting may help improve his coordination. I hope he continues to enjoy the game.

Of course I still avoid all forms of PvP. It’s what keeps this game fun and eliminates most stress and frustration.


I like my trike. It’s easy to stop and dart or thumb dart while I’m riding. Of course I’m riding and spining drops. I throw one of those 6000mpa batteries in the backpack for some of those 3 hour rides. The constant stop and go have my legs in really good shape.

I’ve only been hit by a car once but have had many close calls.

I’m really bad at remembering the names of all the creatures although I remember what they all look like if I’m given a name.

This game has kept me in shape.


I carry a 26,800 mAh power bank, plus every type of USB cord (microUSB, USB-C, Lightning) for friends who need a boost. I may start carrying an extra power bank if the friend mentioned in my OP keeps playing. He needed to plug in after about an hour of playing.

I have nearly every non hybrid in the game except Rinchenia

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Also when did u start playing?

I’ve been playing since the day the game was released, but I took a break for a few months. Unfortunately that caused me to fall so far behind that even if I wanted to deal with the arena and tournaments, I wouldn’t do well because I have NONE of the current meta creatures :upside_down_face:

Same here! I took a rest for almost two years and came back. It will be easier once you find the right track, but the current meta did change pretty fast. I hope you can catch up soon!

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