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Gotta love monomimus

My whole team just got taken out by a monomimus. The game didn’t give me any of my dinosaurs with nullifying attacks and this level 18 monomimus took out my level 20 indominus, level 20 velociraptor, and almost took out my level 19 megalosuchus, which finally killed it with less than half life left. Then the opponent brought in a 23 stegodeus and finished me off. Monomimus is a beast. I’m excited to level mine up this week.


Been there done that, definitely can see your frustration >.<!

As they say “If you cant null them, join them” LOL. Thats what I did :slight_smile:

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My Monominimus was killed by a Stegadeus spamming SS because it couldn’t dodge a toddler throwing feathers.