Gotta love random team rolls

Boy I sure do love being unable to rely on my team to synergise when I play a game. It’s really great that when my opponent has a perfect team to counter me it’s not down to them being any better at team building, it’s just that rng loved them more than me. What a fantastic part of the game, so glad they didnt do anything to fix this /s

Oh stop. RNG is exactly that. That’s nothing to be upset about. It makes it fun to know that even if someone has the perfect team it can come down to luck as well otherwise the meta gets very boring very fast.


i find it highly unlikely that i will read anything more entitled than this all day long.

come on forum, surprise me.


That’s life… I have three immunes in my team… Once I had a battle and none of them was selected… so naturally, my opponent’s team was stun-based… Paramoloch, Stegocera, Stygi… Murphy’s law =)

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I can certainly try.

Original post had a point. When do we stop letting RNG play for us and actually have a hand in winning. Everything is determined by RNG now. Where is the fun and skill when opponent dodges to victory

Do you not choose the 8 dinos on your team? I understand coin limits prevent leveling all dinos to a degree, but it’s not like the game picks from your entire dino pool… :man_shrugging:

You “have a hand” in choosing who you level up and put on your team, it’s not as random as you’d like to believe.

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i think its fun when they bring out a dino with evasive moves and i had the skill to level up a nullifier.

then again, i’m the sort of person to take responsibility for my actions as opposed to blame someone or something else when things don’t go my way.


If this a card game I do love RNG if you know that you have equality chance to get king and ace cards. But in this game this was not the case. The system prevented us to get apex card. Fortunately, this is getting fixed in 1.5

I always love reading your comments :ok_hand:t2:


:joy: The hero the forum needs but doesn’t deserve.


And yet again my nullifiers do me no good when RNG doesn’t choose them…