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Gotta say it

This is the WORST tourney format. Please bring back unique and legendary tourneys. I also NEED a rare advantage tourney soon. This tourney sucks. It’s way more rng related than others, and the fact that my opponents are somehow LUCKIER than they are in normal arena speaks volumes


I have 8 commons at level 20. I’m not doing well as you can imagine but I’m glad that we finally get something different. Please for the love of everything. No more unique advantage. Blah. They’re the worst. Just go play arena. I’m glad we have a new format and I’m glad the next 2 have restrictions as well. It’s nice to change things up some.


I personally disagree, but I get where you’re coming from. With commons there is no way to use a creatures abilities to get out of a sticky situation, as they have few resistances and only 2 moves. It might just be how I play the game, but I like to outsmart my opponent, not brute force.


That could be due to the fact that it’s how I’m FORCED to play the game thanks to ludias matchmaking. Fix it ludia

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I like Common Skill better, Advantage is still fun and I.Hate.Unique.Toureneys that bring back Boring dinos you see everyday…Testa, Sr3, Monolo, Indot, Yada yada…

but sure do fix the matchmaking…

Don’t really see how this tournament is RNG based. There is not a lot of stun or dodge creatures. I’m finding this tournament refreshing. You want a rare advantage tournament how is that any less RNG or any different then this one.

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One singular Dino: trike g2. This thing is on nearly everyone’s team, and so many people rely on it. For me personally, this tourney relies on SIAs more than any other. so yeah, once again, my own opinion, yes it is very rng related.

So one singular Dino does not equate to RNG. I’ve used one level 30 Dino to win many battles and destroyed Trike G2. I guess there are no swap in rares since you want a rare advantage oh wait.

em, its not on my team, and i haven’t face it yet…

I understand you don’t like common only tournaments whether skill or advantage, not everyone does. But please, try to enjoy it, as this is a very fresh format after so many rares, epics, legendary and unique tourneys. I know you like rares, legendaries and uniques more but I personally don’t like any of these three rarities and we see all three of these rarities in tourneys more often than commons, remember back then it was just rares and epics? Legendaries and uniques? We never had a single common only tournament back then. Do you want to know how long we had to wait for this format after the last common only? The last common only tournament was almost two years ago from today. You never know, maybe the next common only tournament might take almost if not over THREE years after the ones this month. Frankly, I hope we can get common only tournaments more often (Perhaps a 2-3 month gap from each common only would be nice), I was fed up with the other rarities blasted in tournaments from beginning to end.


Ah that explains it. You’re WAY up. I’m talking aviary type levels of dinos. Like 15-20ish

I don’t mean to be negative but it’s kind of hard to enjoy a format where even if the Dinos are just a few levels over yours, you can’t win. It’s been really horrible. I’m glad you enjoy it, and I’m happy that you’re happy about this, but I can’t. I tried but I can’t.

I am going to try to improve the mood though. This tourney means I can FINALLY use megalosaurus (my fav irl Dino) without its major weakness: stun

Who has level 15-20 level dinos on the aviary. Also there is no way up. It’s players who put in work or those who complain to get their way.

I haven’t even done a battle yet and I’m already tired :sweat_smile:

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I meant tourney dinos for commons…

In as much as I love Unique Advantage tournaments, finally bringing in Commons is a nice change of pace.

Though I seriously question the wisdom some people have in spending the amount of DNA and coin needed to level any Common up to lvl 30, but to each their own I suppose.

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You CAN win… i’ve personally won against lvl 20s with lvl 15s…

You must’ve had an AMAZING draw. By amazing I mean every counter was perfect on your end. Whenever I face those higher level dinos I just get destroyed

em, not really, he got the stuns and Dodges…