GPS accuracy

GPS not where it’s supposed to be and it’s getting worse on note8 google maps is so accurate but game is no where nere me keep running low on darts because can not get sp drops if can’t fix will have to stop playing as it s making me want to through. My phone at a wall

Hey Brad_Coupland, it really sucks when the GPS is being off. There’s some helpful information on our FAQ for GPS issue, take a look at it here:

If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team here at, with your support key included in the email.

I too have GPS issues - physicslly on top of supply drop based on actual road layout but game map showing me a lot further away: A solution would be to allow “spin” of supply drop from further away as the spin radius is very small. GPS can often be badly wrong in certain weather conditions as correction algorithms go awry.

That happens to me … but I’m fine with it. In fact I use it to grab supplies that are normally out of reach from my house.

In settings of the phone google settings to disable location accuracy, the GPS will work properly on JW again

Ce qui est bizarre c’est que mon GPS ne fonctionne plus depuis plusieurs jours avec ce jeu. Alors qu’il n’y a aucun problème avec les autres applications utilisant le GPS…
What’s weird is that my GPS no longer works with every day with this game. While there is no problem with other applications using GPS