GPS and map issue


Having gps issue, have been “flying around” randomly. Also not accurate as i qas suppose to be in a bus travelling along the road and yet it keeps going off-road. Also, once bus stops, it took awhile to detect the location.
Another issue is the map, its not accurate at all!

Anyone else having this problem?

What’s the deal with the GPS

Hey Smurfy, I’m sorry that your GPS signal is jumping around. Could you make sure that your location setting on your device is set to the highest accuracy? Also, the game is not designed for exploring around on a fast moving vehicle, so that might have caused an issue when you were on the bus.

You can find more information on our FAQ by searching “GPS” here:

If you are still having issues with your GPS, you can contact our support team here at, with your support key included in the email.


So… this happens all this time. I’m sitting in my house which is circled. But it’s constantly saying I’m somewhere completely different …

Nice for the events but I can’t reach any of the supply drops when I’m sitting in the middle of two of them. Is it an issue with my phone? The app? Aliens?