GPS and other angry ranting

Having GPS issues, tried force close and settings reset. Reset phone multiple times, even turning WiFi off and on, leaving it off or resetting permissions when attempting to open the game and nothing. I can access battles no problem and there are no issues with GPS on other apps I use.
You guys claim to be fixing the problems, but I see more coming up affecting gameplay for everyone. I’m glad I’m not paying into this anymore.
VIP is misleading, you get 50m additional, not 50% (which would be 75m of 150m base range, so you are ripping your subscribers off) and there’s only a one-time incubator. RIP OFF.
Fix your issues, maybe we might pay in again.
Also, the Facebook for this game is never checked or moderated, might want to change that.

My VIP says +33% on range and drone duration. Nothing misleading there. But I do wish they would fix the gps issues.

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I understand that GPS issues can be really frustrating @Jillian_Caufield, and I’m sorry to hear that you were having this issue. If possible, could you try reconnecting the game to a different WiFi network and see if you’re still having this problem? There are also some troubleshooting on our FAQ here that might help as well:
If you’re still having any issues, could you contact our support team here at with your support key?

What kind of gps issues are you seeing?

The building I’m in has a metal roof, and if I don’t have WiFi turned on, my guy will jump/drift up to a mile away, but the game still works.

If I turn on WiFi, even without connecting to a router, it will use the WiFi router locations to hold me still.

I fixed the issue following all of your troubleshooting tips, save one which seemed trivial.
I uninstalled JWA, turned on and off wifi constantly, reset my app permissions, everything.
Until I read the part about google maps and offline download.
I figured I should try it as everything else failed.

I loaded up Google, was about to check the FAQ directions for it in JWA, and the GPS was fine.
Opened google maps ONCE, after hours spent attempting to fix it in other ways, and it fixed the issue.

How reliant on Google itself are you guys? Why, when an app like Google maps isn’t used regularly on a device, does it suddenly stop working entirely? That’s just silly.