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GPS Drifting away from my location

The GPS occasionally drifts very far away from my actual location, sometimes up to 500 or more meters. More often the GPS drifts 100 meters away from my location. Could this be considered as spoofing? I don’t want my account banned.

First time? It happens to me all the time for no reason

This happens, occasionally, to me too. Honestly, I dont know. What I do though is take advantage of the good strikes and dinos while its stil hovering. Technically, this is on Ludia’s GPS coding fault or something?

No, it is not the first time that it has happened.

Welcome to the forums, TheRampagingT-Rex! I can see how it can be inconvenient if your GPS keeps drifting away from your actual location. As long as you don’t use any third-party software that interferes with your location, you should be okay.

If your GPS signal is strong and you still keep drifting away from your actual location, our support team would be glad to have a closer look. Don’t hesitate to contact them at and include your device information as well as your support key to help them locate your account faster. Thank you!

Yeah I’ve had that happen sometimes, ended up seeing myself in the park while I was at home. Took advantage of it by catching event stuff while it lasted.

I’m not sure if it’s Ludia’s fault, seems more like the device’s fault. This happens in both Pokemon GO and in JWA, and I once had both on, both showed my character in the same spot it drifted to. I didn’t check if Google Maps showed the same thing though.

sometimes GPS is just off. It can be due to the buildings you’re in, the area you’re in, it even can just randomly happen. I’m guessing some phones might have better or worse GPS signals depending on how good they are and how old too.

Had 2 Huaweis so far, both got the occasional 500 meter inaccuracy, though my old one wiggled like a tadpole in a lake even when the phone was stationary.

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