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GPS drifting


I am working in a tall tower downtown and the GPS is not always accurate. My drone can drift in a 100 m radius every few minutes. Will I be considered spoofing? I do not want my account to be banned :disappointed_relieved:

GPS issues not spoofing
I hope this is not labeled by the game as “spoofing”
I’m a passenger warning on the couch
Hardware GPS issues/ not spoofing

No, you should be fine. Ludia is able to tell the difference between GPS drifting and spoofing based on the in-game code and programming. If you were consistently drifting across town or into the next city…yeah, you’d probably need to be a little more concerned. But as it is, you should not be concerned whatsoever. :grin:

Best of luck and happy hunting!


mine scatters in the car when using a itouch and my ipad and sometimes it becomes a big drift sometimes it even jumps 150m


I have these drifts also. Nothing to be scared of. Imo it’s normal.


Maybe check your GPS accuracy. My phone e.g. has an energy saving HPS mode, that takes a few seconds to locate, then i usually warp from my access points’ location to my actual location. But Ludia should be easily able to differ actual spoofing from that, so, indeed,you should be fine.


Hey Jessica_L, thanks for writing in. GPS “drifting” like what you described is not considered spoofing, and our FAQ here might also help with that issue:

I hope this helps, and happy hunting!


So, I play the game in a car, as a passenger. We drive from home to wherever we are going, and sometimes I will exit the game and do something else, then come back into the game. Because I come back into the game, it will jump from my house (or wherever I was last playing beforehand I exited) to my current location. I know many spoofers will jump locations so I’m wondering if the game or Ludia will say this is spoofing. Hope this doesn’t because I have worked very hard getting to this level!


I doubt this will come onto their radar. I on the other hand would go from Tokyo, to New York, to San Francisco in the blink of an eye. Haha!! I’ve self reported and am awaiting my punishment.


Whew, that’s a relief. And depending on how they handle it, they could reset your account and you could get a fresh start! That’s what I would want, and you could make a whole new team, and new strategies and stuff.


Oh, they told me my account was reset about 48 hours ago, but it’s not… I wish they would hurry up, I am kind of looking forward to starting over, kind of with that “if I knew then what I know now” frame of mind. Now I know which to ignore and where to invest!


Being a passenger is an entirely normal and even encouraged form of dino-hunting. You’ll be fine.

Since they haven’t revealed how they’ve been able to identify the spoofers it’s a good bet only the extreme cases will be caught anyway (those that jump countries and continents in the blink of an eye to get DNA at a specific location). If they have an algorithm that determines anything smallee than that it HAS TO BE smart enough to understand rubber-banding and odd connections.


I wad wondering about my trip to visit family in the US (I live in the UK). I’m hoping they don’t think that my US dino hunting was some kind of spoof. :confused:


I go by car, I’m driving and my daughter is a passenger. Sometimes we travel from one city to another. Today I have my map in white, no dinosaurs appear and supply, I just hope you have not punished me for that.


Hi Guys of the forum and Ludia Support.

For the past 3-4 months I’ve played Jurassic world alive solid and walked 100’s of miles while playing. I am a legit player and I love this game.

Just recently the GPS on my phone has been slightly faulty and it has those lag issues I’ve seen alot of you talk about(flying from last known location to current). However sometimes when I’m at home my GPS might be static on a location that just 600 meters from me. I can sometimes fix this by aiming the phone directly at the sky outside. If not fixed, I’m stuck there till I got out on the move. The gps starts to work again perfectly as it exposed to the open sky(satellites) when I’m out on a walk looking for dinosaurs.

When I’m put in these random locations, is it ok to dart the dinosaurs around it as sort of a compensation for not being in the correct location? Its ONLY like 3% of my game time, the other 97% its work perfectly.

The way I see it is Hardware GPS issues can’t be considered cheating in the game, unless you purposely modify the hardware to do so.


Hi people of the forum and ludia support

When having legit hardware GPS issues. Is it ok to dart the dinos in those incorrect locations as a sort of compensation for not being in your intended location?

Please have in mind the GPS issues could be coming from the phone or the satellite. Issues occur 3% of the time and only for a short time.


Normally run a health app that records GPS and fixes whatever Ludia are doing wrong when I’m outside.

But I don’t see a problem darting when it’s Ludia getting it wrong without TOS violating modification. You certainly won’t travel far and you can’t control where you go.


Yea… that actually helped me when it Glitched me back to my old destination and I Spamed that launch button as I saw spinotahraptor. And I got 20 DNA so there’s no need of spoofing just wait until destiny gives you a chance of getting what u need.


I experience a lot of GPS drifting after the last ingame update…


I’ve been getting the “going too fast” warning while sitting on my couch. How in the world does that happen? My couch and house just don’t move at all.


If you are using wifi it has the tendency to do weird things to GPS. It could also be that being indoors is messing with your GPS as well.