GPS drone TRACKING worst then ever!


What ever kind of update they did to the game. It use to track my location accurately on roads, streets and buildings. Now The tracking got worse, my data is on with allowed apps google maps and location tracking allowed.

The image below highlighted in red is my current location and yet I’m hundreds of meters away. The area has good signal, I know it’s the games fault.


Hey Starkiller2012, that is very far off on the map indeed! I’m sorry to hear about this, and I can imagine it is very difficult to look for dinosaurs when the location is completely off like that. A lot of times, this could be caused by a bad GPS signal; turning your location settings off and on might help with this. You can also try stabilizing your connection by turning your data connection off and on, but please make sure to not switch between connections while playing as this could cause problems loading.

Our FAQ can also be helpful for this issue, try searching ‘GPS’ on our FAQ, you might be able to find some useful information.

If none of this works, our support team can take a closer look at your account. You can email our staff here at with your Support Key included in the email.


Hey I had this problem to…do u have a android cause I fixed the problem