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Gps error!

I wonder if I am the only one with this problem … we have 4 devices wanting 6 (because two are old and slow) and in all the devices in the game in gps the position is wrong and it moves without ever returning to my current position , the same error both with and without wifi . and I would not want ludia to decide to stop me because of the game!and moving crash the map and there is no more cubes nor battles nor dino and I’m forced to restart!

Hey there, erica_forgiarini. Our FAQ here might have some info that can help you with your GPS issue:



If you are still having issues after trying those troubleshooting steps, please email our support team at with your support key included. Thanks!

my problem is on all my devices since yesterday morning, before i didn’t have these problems i was moving every now and then but now it’s a miracle if it recognizes the right position

I’m one of the GPS guys! before Monday he did not bother me he found me at home with both wifi and the network. after the Monday bug he can’t find me at home anymore. finds me around and moves me around the city. so it doesn’t fit me! what I lose a lot of resource packs I had at home, raids, raids, and dulcis unfounded, the epic compsognato that I have in the area. now the game moves me everywhere where there is almost nothing! except at home! and a problem for me. how can you fix it