GPS glitch?


I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 to play this game as my son said it lagged a bunch on his S5. He finally gave up on the game and I took over his account. Since I have been playing the game I have noticed it will lock my location every once in awhile. After discussing this issue with another forum user he suggested I report it as a bug.

Facts -

  1. I turn off my wifi so I don’t get lag when my phone finds an open wifi connection.
  2. My 4g LTE usually reads 3 to 4 bars
  3. When we arrived at the park to get TRex DNA the game freaked out.
    Explanation : the park has 4 special event points, 3 where TRex but when I walked up to get closer the first TRex disappeared, I then walked towards the other two and the game lagged as if it was loading and then I got the “having trouble loading” popup which froze my game. I got frustrated and we went to another park where the game froze again so we came home. When I loaded the game at my house it loaded as if I was still at the second park even though we live 3 miles from it. I did take the opportunity to dart the TRex as I felt I was owed, after receiving the DNA the game paused and suddenly my map showed I was at my house. I will post screenshots and hopefully you can figure out why this happens. Thank you.

First park screenshot-

Screenshot after walking towards the TRexs

Second park -

When we got home (not near a park)

Added phone data… My wifi auto connects when I get home yet it didn’t refresh my location in the game until after getting the DNA screen

All of the apps on my phone (apps folder)


By any chance are you on boost service


Not sure what boost service is but I have Straight Talk Unlimited. LTE 4G is pretty good in my area except of course near my home but there i have the fastest wifi service available.


It’s a phone service and not a good one. So don’t switch