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GPS issue on 2.5

Anyone else having GPS issues? Running a Samsung Note20 5G and getting this after game reinstall

after the update my game has just been really laggy despite having lots of storage space left, not having map issues tho

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Oh, boy, here we go with the bugs…

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My game seems to be getting frame drops quite often with some lag aswell.


Hey everyone. If you guys are still encountering any issues, please reach out to our team with your support key at so they can investigate. Thanks!

Always seems to happen after an update

My daughter has the same GPS issue. She already reached out to support but gets a standard reply: calibrate GPS, toggling gps on and off, switch locating method. All of the suggestions we have tried but don’t work, since it has to do with an issue in JWA. The GPS in all other apps works fine.

I managed to resolve the GPS issue. Apparently after reinstalling JWA, the game doesn’t ask permission for location. So it is not turned on. In order to allow location follow the following steps (on android). Long press JWA app. Then press on the i in the right upper corner. Press Permissions and allow location. Restart the game. If it is correct GPS in the game should be working again.


I am having a lot of Gps issues. The position keeps on jumping around everywhere when i am not even moving. And i am not spoofing or anything. Many a times it says i am travelling too fast. And sometimes jumps more than 200 mts and again back to the original position. I was afraid that i will get suspended for this. And that is what happened.

Hey everyone, as Taskclt23 had suggested, please make sure that your location permission is turned on for the game.

This is an issue our team is investigating as well.

Thank you!