GPS Issues after updating to iOS 12


Have been having issues with the game not updating my location at all while playing on my iPhone X running iOS 12. It’s almost as if it’s not using my Google Maps and GPS location on the device. I do tech support and have already gone through all troubleshooting apart from reinstalling the software on the device. Both Maps and Google Maps app are working just fine and updating the GPS location correctly.

Have uninstalled the game totally and installed it again, but same issue. Have also reset all Location Settings on the device, but issue remains. Only way the location actually updates correctly is if I minimize the game, open up Google Maps, then go back to the game. It will then put me in the right spot, but the game still doesn’t move my location as I move.

Seems an issue with the communication with GPS, after updating to iOS 12, as it was working just fine right before I had updated. All other GPS apps work just fine though, so issue is just specific to Jurassic World Alive. Is anyone else seeing this issue and is there anything that can be done to resolve it?

Update on Issue
Just tested it out with the Pokemon Go app as well, and no issues found here at all. Their game tracks the location perfectly and moves correctly as I continue walking around. Only affecting Jurassic World Alive. Can confirm that it didn’t happen with the new Jurassic World Update, until after iOS 12 was installed. Was working just fine until iOS 12 was downloaded and installed specifically.


I upgraded to iOS 12 too the same day as the update from Ludia, so I’m not sure which is the cause, but my game is having a really hard time keeping a signal, or getting the signal back after going in and out of low signal areas (I am rural but drive into town to work).


Not meant to be a smartasss but have you guys restarted your phones since updating? Like hard reset.


Yep, have gone through restarting the iPhone a few times since the update. This does help allow the App to update my position, but doesn’t always remain that way. Location will update for a bit, and then go back to continuing to either jump around, or not move me at all. This is in town with full service as well, as that is where I work. I live in a rural area as well, with full service out there, but the same issue remains.


the game has always had a problem, for me at least, getting the signal back when it lost it, even when the signal is strong again. Many times I just end up force closing the app and opening it again, which sucks when you lose connection trying to dart an Epic…