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GPS marker in game don't move when Google Improve location accuracy is On


When improve location accuracy is On, the GPS don’t move in real time, I have to turn off the improve location accuracy setting(see screenshot) , then the GPS in game moves in real time e.g when I’m in a bus or walking. Is this a bug?

Anybody else having issues with the gps?
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That’s really strange @DJAlz. Could you make sure that the game also has permission to access your location while you have the Improve Location Accuracy toggled on? If so, try completely shutting down your device and then turn it back on and see if that helps. If you’re still having issues after doing that, please feel free to contact our support team here at along with your support key so our team can investigate.


I’m quite sure the game is given permission to use location service in my phone, I have checked, double and triple checked several times, restarted my phone and game several times.
I even un-installed and re-installed the game.

Nothing worked until I turn off the Improve location accuracy setting (coz I have run out of ideas and its more of a desperation move). Once it was turned off, lo and behold! the game GPS marker start moving in real time when I’m on the move.

Incidentally this issue occurred after I upgraded to the latest Android version, the previous Android ver worked absolutely fine.

Still not sure why this is happening tho.

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It’s the same for me. I must change mine to use GPS only.
It’s annoying because it takes more phone battery and isn’t as accurate.


wow, ok and I thought maybe I was the only one having this issue, coz it just seemed to appear out of the blue. I have played the game from July 18 and this is the first time I encountered a GPS issue.

Perhaps the programming (maybe new?) done to make the phone GPS “more accurate” somehow affected the game’s usage of the built in GPS location tracker.


Hello! My GPS doesn’t work very well. (Huawei mate 10 pro). What can i do? I need that the GPS follow my moving. Ty for help! Keep it up! :muscle:

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It seems that it is a Google Bug.

Go to location in your Phone settings.
There should be “location accurency” in the menu.
When you open that you can disable “Improve location accuracy” by tapping on the button in the upper right.

That worked for me.

I hope I could help you :slight_smile:

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Gps problem on the Huawei of my girlfriend

Just turn off the improve location accuracy setting n restart the game, the GPS marker shld follow your movement. My phone is mate10 Pro as well. Hope it works for u!


If i turn off my improve location accuracy my gps doesn’t work but when its on its jumps and sticks to locations


If you turn the location accuracy off first and start the game, does the GPS maker move real time in the game ? You may want to test it out while in a moving vehicle, like bus, as the GPS movement is more obvious vs walking, so its easier to check. So far the turn off method is still working for my Huawei mate 10pro.


It says i have no connection with gps at all in a red box and tellong me to check


Maybe you could post some screenshots of your phone’s location settings?
Mine looks like this:
The main access location setting is still On.

Go to Google location accuracy:

Turn off the accuracy setting:

Make sure the main access location is still On, otherwise gps will not work, we are just turning off the accuracy setting, somehow this setting interferes with jwa’s GPS marker when it’s on.


Mine looks the same as that


Hmmm tats strange, perhaps you can try sending a ticket to support and see what is their reply.


Hey Liam_Catley, after you toggle off your Improve Location Accuracy setting, could you reboot your device and then relaunch the game? If you’re still having issues after restarting, our team could try and assist you if you reach out to them here at with your support key.


Thanks i will try this and thankyou dj


Sure no probs! hopefully you can find a fix to the issue :slight_smile:


Didn’t work


Sent email


The little white dot and pulsating circle hangs up and stops following me all the time. The game works better when I turn off the Improved location accuracy. My game GPS follow still hangs up a lot though. This is actually a hung process.

JWA runs simultaneous processes. The GPS check and map location update is one of the many processes. So if the GPS hangs, you can still play such as hitting drops or darting or going into your dino dex and stuff. The game does a speed check every 2 minutes and this check tends to kill and restart the hung GPS. Then you get the your going too fast screen and the dot and pulsating circle on the map goes up to your location again. Often the GPS hangs up again instantly and sometimes it will follow for a while before getting hung up again, especially if your driving fast. I wish they would fix this bug or add a button that kills and restarts the GPS location process when we see it has stopped following us.

The adverse affect of turning off the location accuracy is when your inside large buildings like big stores or manufacturing buildings, you will get bounced to random locations for up to a mile from your actual location as your provider towers are estimating your position.