GPS on the fritz?


Anyone having trouble with the gps since the update? If I’m in the car - the map stutters and is choppy and throws me all over the place.


You’re moving, and the coordinates are being sent from your phone to a satellite. It’s having to zero in on your location as you move. The faster you move, the longer it takes to catch up with you.

It’s your phone’s GPS, not the game itself.


iOS update 12 you think? These updates happened around the same time but there was never a problem before and I’ve played since the launch. (FTP)


I have an Android phone, as I don’t trust Apple products. But it could happen to any phone.


I’ve experienced the choppy map every day lately. And it’ll freeze in a spot for like 5 seconds and then rapidly move to where I actually am. Nothing has changed on my phone since before the update and it wasn’t like this before.


Good to know it’s not just me. But it’s lame. A gps warning does come up on my phone (sometimes) but the problem is new.


Hey Paul_Abeyta, the game is not fully compatible with iOS 12 at the moment so there might be some issues if you had upgraded, we’ll be sure to let everyone know once the game is fully compatible. However, our FAQ here might have some information on GPS problems that could help:


Same with my phone GPS - “oldie” SamsungGalaxy S6. Otherwise the phone is with the excellent GPS receiving even in the house…and it was with JWA before the latest update. Now it is with no GPS signal when inside the house and sudden jumps randomly even few hundred meters from the spot.


Thank you. That makes sense, as it worked perfectly before.