GPS Position Wrong

Previous to latest 2 updates, position was stable. Now position bounces all over place can be anything from 50m to several hundred from spot standing at.
Tried Google Maps and Pokémon Go and position is stable, so appears to be only issue with JW Alive. Makes getting DNA difficult to impossible, as can be many m’s away from location with Dino.
Please fix issue.
Thanks D

I was in the middle of a lake today. No matter what I tried it would not put me back on the shore.

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I have similar, had to walk in circles for nearly 3 mins, in order for position to stay stable for a few seconds. I often find it positions me on motorway or in someone’s house - won’t move, even though been walking for minutes.
Not GPS position from phone , it works fine and is accurate to within a few meters. So must be bug in game, since last updates.

Hey Derek_Storey, could you try some of the troubleshooting for GPS issues from our FAQ here and see if it helps:

Also, depending on your device, try turning off the Improve Location Accuracy settings and restart your device.

If you’re still having issues, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key.

Thanks Ned
Turning off Improve Accuracy fixed the issue, using GPS only for location. Regards Derek

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I’m glad to hear that helped, Derek_Storey! :smiley: