GPS Prob

Hi guys,
I don’t know if any of u have GPS issues but mine doesn’t work on JWA, since yesterday. I checked other apps to figure out if was my phone but they work perfectly. Can any of u help me? Restarting the game or the phone doesn’t work. I have a Moto X Play.
Please help me :c

I am also having issues with my gps. It keeps bouncing around and telling me to slow down. It makes it very difficult to play. I have also taken the same steps as you.

Hey Qwoff, there’s some GPS troubleshooting on our FAQ here that might help:
If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, could you contact our support team here at so they can try and assist you further? It’ll help if you included your support key in your email as well. Thanks!

I’ve had luck with opening Google maps and selecting the icon that zeros in on your location. This stabilizes location somewhat within other apps, including JWA.